About us

 Levitas shapes the future through intelligent design and World-Class quality creating atmosphere and space in the bedroom

Levitas Design was formed in 2014 by Scottish designer/inventor Craig Phillips. Craig joined the magic circle at the young age of 12. His love of magic and fascination with great magicians and illusionists such as Houdini and David Copperfield eventually motivated him to create the EXO floating bed. Within weeks of developing his prototype the bed won awards and created huge interest around the world. In May 2015 Craig launched his levitating bed at the Grand Designs Live Show in London to the general public for the first time. His eagerly awaited 'atmosphere in space' showcased his all aluminium, illuminated, levitating bed and bedside tables.


Levitas design shapes the future of bedroom furniture using cutting edge and futuristic concepts

Levitas is the designer, developer and manufacturer of elegantly designed and exceptional quality furniture that adds to the quality of life. Our single-minded purpose is to ensure that we create magical pieces of furniture to excite the senses, made to the highest standards and provided with superior customer service. We have taken our award winning bed to high-growth international markets, where we collaborate on world-class projects that underline our floating furniture and commitment to quality.


Levitas Design is committed to protecting the Environment by ensuring all business activities impact our ecosystem as little as possible

 Levitas Design’s environmental policy adheres to strict operating guidelines to ensure that we impose minimal impact on the eco-systems by using recycled materials wherever possible.  We seek to minimise the depletion of local natural resources through optimal use, recovery, re-use and recycling of materials and energy. Levitas Design is committed to upholding the highest standards in environmental sustainability across all aspects of our operations.


Meet the Team

Craig Phillips - Designer & Managing Director

Ros Tapp - Business Development

Gary Phillips -Factory Manager


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Levitas Design Ltd
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Craig Phillips 07767 666999