Auro Installation

The AURO kit
- Installation video
- 1000mm LED strip
- 240v Power supply
- 2 Polished end caps
- App to control lighting
- Installation instructions
- 4 Screws and wall plugs
- 225x1000mm 10mm Glass shelf ( 200 x1000mm when installed )
- 4 Plasterboard toggles and bolts
- 1000mm Recycled Aluminium bracket

Key Features
Built in LED lighting - 16 million colours to choose from
Strong 10mm thick super clear glass supports heavy weights ( up to 20kg )
Toughened super clear glass for added safety and protection
Quick and easy to assemble on any wall, even plasterboard walls
3 colours to choose from - matt white, matt back and anodised silver
Bluetooth App - control the colours of your shelf using your phone or tablet
Opaque edges are specially treated to diffuse light - only the edge lights up

Procedures for Installation on Plasterboard
1 Ensure the shelf is horizontal before marking the wall ready for drilling
2 Drill 4x13mm holes and attach the Toggles to the plasterboard wall
3 Prepare the plasterboard for the lighting and feed the LED through either end of the shelf before attaching the shelf
4 Once the aluminium shelf frame is securely attached to the wall using the fixings provided, insert the LED strip into the back of the channel
5 Peel the double sided tape and wet the polished end of the glass with soapy water
6 Push the wet glass into the aluminium shelf and allow to dry overnight
7 Push the end caps onto each side of the frame
    Installation Video

Installation Video